Samatvam Yoga Uchyate - Say No to Colorism

Dark skin colour discrimination has been a real problem in India since long time.

Lets learn more about Problems behind it

1. Unequal Opportunities

2. Media Influence

3. Marriage Bias

4. Skin-Lightening Industry

5. Social Stigma

6. Psychological Impact

7. Educational Bias

8. Health Implications

Why it Started?

Peoples of India were brainwashed by depicting White as rich, good & comfortable life people in images and cinemas. 

Color discrimination that started in British India still persist where only Fair is lovely.

Government's Action

The Advertising Standards Council of India attempted to address skin-based discrimination in 2014 by banning ads that depict people with darker skin as inferior.

Why is the Lord Ram is so Dark?

Lord Ram is described as shyamalam, sundar madhav meghashyam and durvashyamalam pointing that Dark is Beautiful.

Let's break free from stereotypes and celebrate the beauty in every shade. Together, we can foster a culture of inclusivity and redefine standards.