Unveiling  ‘Bal Gita’:  Book Launch Event at London

By  Swasti Yoga Center

The Swasti Yoga Center is thrilled to announce the grand launch of ‘Bal Gita,’ a literary masterpiece that is set to revolutionize the way children and parents explore the profound teachings of the Bhagwad Gita.

Cultivates Problem-Solving Skills

Why Bal Gita?

Encourages Yogic Critical Thinking

Nurtures Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

Bestows Timeless Wisdom upon Young Minds

Ignites a Passion for Indian Culture through Captivating Stories

Date:- 11 October 2023 Location:- 1 Sky Garden Walk, London, England

Join Us on This Journey! Be a part of this extraordinary event and witness the unveiling of ‘Bal Gita.’