Unlock The Power Within – Yelapa Yoga Retreat

By  Laura Albors &  Swasti Yoga center

Led by esteemed Yoga Masters from India and  Laura Arbors  join hands with Yelapa’s therapeutic community and immerse in a fusion of tradition and healing to unlock the power within you.

Why this Retreat?

1. Holistic Fusion

2. Spiritual Awakening

3. Celebrate Transformation

Grasp the age-old science of yoga

What You Will Get?

Engage in  traditional yoga

Develop healthier  eating habits

Forge a deeper mind-body connection

Master yoga for stress and trauma healing

Our Core Team

Laura Albors

Dr. Shwetambari Chothe

Dr. Vikas Chothe

Date:- 27 Oct - 2 Nov 2023 Location:- Yelapa, Mexico

Elevate your yoga practice, nourish your spirit, and embrace the power within you. We can't wait to welcome you to Yelapa!