Yoga or Gym ?

Youngsters still have this questions in mind and thinks that yoga is only meant for someone who is a sanyasi or senior citizen . I want to pen down the...

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By Alba Cobos Durante la pandemia de COVID-19, tanto la salud física como la mental peligra. Los estudios muestran un incremento en trastornos mentales como la ansiedad y la depresión....

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Tech Neck

Madhuri Patil Yoga and Diet Consultant Bad Posture? Are we aware about the bad posture? Are we aware about the change taking place in the curvature of the spine? If...

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Role of Yoga in Women’s life

Shubhangi Walke     The definition of yoga states that, it is the harmonising system to develop body , mind  and spirit that means yoga develops anyone physically ,mentally ,emotionally and spiritually....

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Meditacion de AUM

Alba Cobos Yoga trainer at Swasti Yoga Center Cuando escuchas “OM” lo primero que viene a la cabeza es Yoga e India. Y es que este símbolo ya tiene gran popularidad...

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