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Swasti Yoga Center for Professional Development (SYCPD)

Do you have a small group of 5-20 yoga teachers or you are a yoga teacher running independent studio?

Why us:

Expand your impact by enrolling your yoga teachers in Swasti Yoga Online Courses making them Indian government certified Yoga Trainers. This will give your yoga centre an edge compared to other centres conducting Teacher training courses in your vicinity. Advancing career of teachers and group learning creates shared knowledge base. This helps in integrating yogic values of karma yoga, compassion, humility and mutual respect amongst co-teachers.

Easy certification:

We take the complication out of the Indian government certification process. We bring added credibility compared to your competitors, helping your customers experience the authentic taste of Indian yoga. Happy customers, more customers, easier life!


We believe that to help, first we must listen. Only then do we know enough to actually help in any situation.


Understanding your needs, we create customized solutions for the same with Indian certification.

Is this whole Indian Yoga Certification thing worth it?

YES! The world knows that India, is the birthplace of Yoga. Your Indian certification will boost your credibility multi fold and create confidence in your customers. Plus, you’re doing the world such a wonderful service of transforming people’s lives. We give you a deep bow with respect for helping make this opportunity a reality for people.

Think about what it would feel like to fill your yoga TTCs, without having to slave away or stress out about it. It would feel on top of the world, right?

Partnership benefits:

  • Powerful brand recognition and authenticity of Indian Government and Ministry of AYUSH (Yoga Ministry)
  • Mentorship and student exchange programs in India, the birthplace of yoga
  • Network with key health experts and yoga gurus
  • Serious yoga students- Enquiries from yoga enthusiasts who wish to travel to India and learn traditional authentic yoga
  • International Exposure with yoga trainers from 35+ countries
  • Expand to International Markets by leveraging the global network of Swasti Yoga
  • Participate in yoga events hosted by Swasti Yoga Center and other partner networks and pitch your talent to global audience
  • Help when you need it – We’re committed to helping you thrive as a yoga teacher and studio owner. We’re here to support you whether you are a solo yoga instructor or a large yoga center.
  • Scale up with more customers- A simple way to bring more people for traditional Indian Yoga
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