~ Mission Statement ~

Mission Statement

Swasti Yoga Centre’s mission is to ensure authentic and legitimate practice of the ancient Indian tradition of yoga worldwide by delivering the best knowledge to all students in order to meet the expectations for competency and capability for the government of India’s yoga certification test (Ministry of AYUSH).

Our Objectives

  • Provide the best quality yoga training for government of India yoga certified exams for domestic and international students
  • Create positive change in the lives of our students and in local and international communities
  • Provide employment placement opportunities overseas and locally
  • Promote and enhance the quality and structure of the wellness and fitness industry

Did You Know?

Heart diseases: 47,000 deaths per day

Respiratory diseases: 20,000 deaths per day

Mental health and Substance abuse: 9,000 deaths per day

Several RCTs and evidence-based research have shown yoga to be useful in prevention of these.

Let's move towards health, wellbeing and peace with Yogic lifestyle!

Join our Mission - BE A YOGA WARRIOR!

I pledge to abide the rules, philosophy and practices of Yoga and healthy lifestyle helping the society achieve health and wellbeing with it.

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