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Gift That Saves Humanity

Swasti Yoga Center is an organisation which is recognised internationally as one of the most important and authentic yoga institutions in the world. Our yoga retreats look at the individual demands of teaching yoga with modern day lifestyle, considering stresses on the body from a predominantly sedentary society due to hours spent seated. Yoga retreats give a family experience, personal connection taking care of your special requests


  • Vital for those wishing to reset their health with a detox program, the unparalleled tranquility of western ghats provides you with the space to journey inward, renew and refresh your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Ayurvedic healthy, local cuisine and delicious food
  • Attractive and affordable fees
  • Teachers are humble, passionate, AYUSH certified, well experienced, encouraging and friendly
  • Styles: Hatha Yoga, Ashtang Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Karma Yoga, Dnyan Yoga, Therapeutic yoga
  • Safe alignment is vital for the wellbeing of our students, so we look in detail at each individual asana and how we can adjust the asana for different levels of students.
  • Retreat program is based on 4 principles – yoga, nature, nourishment, and friendship
  • A 100% tailormade deep transformative program!!

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