~ Environment conservation ~

We ♥ Environment conservation:

Swasti Yoga Center is firmly committed to the environment. Sustainability is always on top of our heart and mind. The services outsourced promote healthy and sustainable living as much as possible. Most of our products are handmade, organic and from local and disadvantaged artisans, rural women. This helps in promoting sustainable, conscious and local livelihood.

Sustainability Goals- Swasti Yoga Center

  • Zero Workplace Fatalities
  • Safe Yoga Practices
  • 25% reduction in water usage
  • 20% reduction in environmental impact
  • Saving lives- 10000 people till 2030
  • Improving quality of life of 1 million people till 2030

Carbon Footprint

Swasti Yoga Center promotes products that have lesser ecological footprint than paper and plastic, which helps in climate change mitigation.

Sustainable & Ecofriendly Cutlery

The food provided is home made with love, purity and hygiene. We at Swasti Yoga Center sincerely try to move towards 100% Sustainable and eco-friendly alternative of plastic. We use biodegradable eco-friendly cutlery made from wheat as much as possible. Washable plates and utensils are preferred to thermocol and plastic ones.

Less Energy & Water Usage

We use less water and less energy in comparison with plastic and paper.

Good 4 U, Good for the Planet
100% recycled environment friendly footwear

We support sustainable, holistic and natural products and services for reducing plastic waste. Even the footwears that we use in the yoga Shala are made from 100% Recycled PET bottles.
It is the lightest and most comfortable footwear with Natural Rubber and Recycled Compounds used to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the Slipper. Crafted with the best of materials and designed to be worn Indoors and Outdoors

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