The Swasti Yoga Center’s Department of Public Safety exists to provide a safe, secure atmosphere which is conducive to freedom of expression and movement, for people and their property at Swasti Yoga Campus, within the constraints of the Country, State, and Local laws and ordinances.
The members of the Swasti Yoga Center’s Department of Public Safety are committed to the goal of providing high quality services with a positive, cooperative attitude.

To achieve that goal:

  • We pledge to honour the spirit and letter of the laws we are charged to uphold.
  • We will dedicate our full attention to our duties in order to promote a safe environment while earning and maintaining the public’s trust.
  • We will endeavour to continually enhance our professional skills and knowledge.
  • We will hold each other accountable for demonstrating professional and ethical behaviour.


Student complaints should be brought to the attention of the program Director and/or senior Faculty-instructor. Complaints are addressed verbally or in writing. The outcome of the discussion will be documented in the student’s folder and signed by both the Director and/or Faculty-instructor and the student.

A meeting will be arranged between the Faculty-instructor, the Director and the student. The Director reserves the right to inquire into the situation, including interviewing students, teacher assistants and, with permission of the student, family members. All meetings will be documented and signed by the people in attendance of the meetings. The filing of a complaint will not affect the student’s fair evaluation in completing a program or course.

Women's Grievance Cell

If you are a woman and a student/staff/faculty member of Swasti Yoga Center, and if you have any grievance, please contact:

Helpline: +919545019322

Email: contact.swastiyoga@gmail.com

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