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Emerging health problems of children in modern India…

1. Childhood Obesity epidemic – Obesity has become a colossal epidemic causing 2.6 million deaths worldwide every year. Worldwide over 22 million children under the age of 5 are obese, and one in 10 children is overweight.The holistic approach of Suvarnaprashan plus program helps your child to tackle childhood obesity and other future diseases by adopting a healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle.

2. Physical inactivity – More than one or two hours of screen time (TV, computers, video games) each day is a risk factor for childhood obesity.

3.Fast Food – Canned foods, fast foods, frozen foods, instant products, dried foods, preserved foods, etc. all come under instant foods or ready-to-eat foods.

4. Non communicable diseases – Diabetes, Hypertension and cardiac diseases

5.Mental Health Problems – According to WHO, one in every 5 child has a mental health issue. Rapid urbanization, changing lifestyle, fast food, shopping malls and disc culture, drugs, alcohol and other addictions, bullying, family disruption, early childhood insults, poor academic performance, learning disabilities and emotional problems are some of the causes and risk factors for mental health problems in children.

6. Pollution and urbanization – Acute respiratory infections account for 13% deaths in hospitalized children in India. Recently WHO declared a direct link between diesel exhaust and cancer – raising further alarm bells regarding India’s growing public health concerns. Air pollution leads to respiratory infections, heart disease and lung cancer.

7. Recurrent illness – A defective immune system leaves the child unprotected and may lead to recurrent infections.If your child suffers from recurrent infections, there are four general reasons why children have recurrent infections.A one-year-old child may average 8 colds per year, but may have playmates who average anywhere from 1 to 17 per year. Reducing this incidence rate of recurrent infections is one of the aim of Suvarnaprashan.

8. Addiction – If current trends continue, 250 million children alive today will be killed by tobacco.” – W.H.O.In India 20 million children a year and nearly 55,000 children a day are drawn into a tobacco addition.

9. Emerging health problems of children in modern India…

What is Suvarnaprashan?

Suvarnaprashan is an Ayurvedic medicine for children 0-15 years of age, mainly given to increase immunity, address recurrent illness, and to improve concentration and memory. This a very popular treatment practiced at Swasti Family Clinic with more than 5,000 kids where we have seen benefits of immunity and developmental milestones.

References of Suvarnaprashan in peer reviewed indexed journals

56-57 nm gold ash acts on peritoneal macrophages, phagocytic index, free- radical scavenging activity, brain catecholamines, 5 HT and plasma corticosterone levels.

Research reveals that Swarna Bhasma possesses immunomodulatory, free radical scavenging activity, analgesic antistress activity and safe.

(Pharmacol Toxicol., Indian Journal of Medical Research, Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, Immunopharmacology Immunotoxicol.)

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