~ Hostel yama niyamas ~

Swasti Yoga is an organization dedicated to creating a conscious and compassionate world by helping people build a living relationship to their spirit. We accomplish our mission by developing a safe and sacred environment in which our students can deeply relax and explore a wide variety of transformative practices and programs. We provide an environment free of distractions that is supportive of deep inner work and one that fosters yogic values.

The following policies are not intended to restrict the rights of anyone, but are intended to define and protect the rights of all!

  • Be tidy and clean
  • If it’s not yours, don’t take it. Use the resources judiciously
  • Don’t be round in offending clothes
  • Don’t turn the lights, ac, fan unnecessary on
  • Don’t hang your washed clothes around
  • Don’t smash the doors. In case of damage to property or equipment’s at Swasti Yoga Centre will be compensated by student.
  • Do not take the books from library outside the room
  • Leave the common spaces at least as clean as you found them
  • Use the pots you need and clean them directly. Leave everything tidy
  • Silent mode at night. Please do not make too much noise between 11pm and 7am
  • Snorers of the world are not allowed to go for shared rooms
  • Return the key to the reception when you leave
  • We are not responsible for loss or damage of your stuff
  • It is not allowed to use alcohol, tobacco or drug in or around the yoga hostel
  • Stay as discussed before is mandatory and no vacation breaks in between are allowed
  • In karma yoga, one will take the responsibility on different departments of the ashram: office, kitchen, school, garden, cleaning, etc.
  • If you need anything, ask us!
  • No verbal or behavioural aggression, including passive aggression, towards classmates, school management team, teachers and yoga centre staff at any time. This includes gossip, harassment, bullying, or any other behaviour that is inappropriate or disruptive to the welfare of the program or to fellow students.
  • Students are required to attend 90% of the training hours. Please see “attendance policy” section under school policy. Students must ask permission from the Faculty for sessions to be missed without affecting completion of the program.
  • Completing log book activities on time is important for receiving certification from Swasti Yoga.
  • No using mobile phones for external communication or social media in ongoing class. This is considered disrespectful to teachers and classmates who may require positive and focused class environment.
  • No late nights out. We kindly request students to be back to school and in your room by 9pm for your safety and to support student’s focus on the training that entails early morning routine and intensive schedule throughout the day. Students are not allowed to sleepover outside of school for the duration of their stay.
  • No party or any other entertainment gathering is allowed to be held by students on school premise.
  • Places of worship: Be respectful. Remove shoes and dress modestly when visiting temples; wear appropriate clothes
  • Body language: Use both hands when handing somebody something
  • No outsiders are allowed into student’s bedrooms unless discussed in advance of your program, the guest is checked-in and paid for their stay. Outsider may enter school premise only after requesting permission for each entry from school. He/she is limited to stay only during a certain hour of the day and required to be under supervision.
  • School may decide to terminate any student’s participation in the program if: a student is absent for more than 3 consecutive days without contacting the program director, a student who appears to have mental or emotional instability and has displayed disruptive behaviour or have violated school policy.
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