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Dr. Vikas Chothe

Swasti’s founder, Dr.Vikas Chothe, holds an MD, PhD in Ayurvedic medicine with Yoga Certification from AYUSH and QCI India. He has worked as a Yoga Ambassador for the government of India and is currently an examiner for YCB Yoga examination at TQ Cert (TATA projects) for the Yoga Certification Board. He has been working as a lead examiner since the beginning of the Yoga Certification Scheme in 2016 and has conducted exams for more than 3,000 students till date. Dr.Vikas has been invited by Indian Embassy Austria, Malaysia and Armenia and has visited USA, China, Malaysia, Italy and European countries for propagation of Yoga and Ayurveda. He is also yoga school auditor for the Yoga Certification Board (YCB) creating quality standards in yoga schools globally.

Shwetambari Vikas Chothe

Dr.Shwetambari Chothe is a certified Level 3 Yoga Teacher and Evaluator by government of India, consulting homeopath, assistant professor in LMF Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune, and co-founder of Swasti Yoga Centre. Since childhood, she had a keen interest in yoga and Indian culture. She is a great chef with Ayurveda healthy cooking as her specialty. Qualifications: MD Homoeopath, Anatomy and Physiology expert, yoga teacher and practitioner for six years.

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International and Government Certified Professional Yoga Teachers Trainers and advisors in Pune India


American Journal of Health Promotion Practice International Ayurveda conferences and 7 International Ayurveda Research Day Conferences by International Ayurveda Association
• (IAA) and Institute of Indian Medicine
• (IIM) Pune 4th World Ayurveda Congress, Bangalore in December 2010 12th International Conference on Evidence-Based Ayurveda on Heart Care and Diabetes in 25th Sept 2011 First International Conference on Integrated Preventive Cardiology on 25th Nov 2011


Panchatantra and Yogasutras- A Panchatantra approach to Patanjali’s Yogasutras (August 2017) ISBN No: 978-93-85456-25-1, ebooks in French and Spanish
• Anna- Ayurvedic Healthy Diet (English)
• English Charak Samhita- Vimanasthana Part 1 (English)
• Chapter written on menstrual health and hygiene in French textbook: Prévention Santé Environnement (French)
• Booklets on menstrual health and adolescent health (Marathi) in females: Sarya kalyana (Age- 12-16), Phool mhanun jagtana (Age- above 16) For boys: Olakh Swatahachi (Age- 12-16), Tarunyachya vatevar (Age- above 16)
• Tastes of Maharastra (English)
• Yoga for Business Ethics (English)
• Fete de La Surya Namaskar (French)
• Pepa Pig’s Surya Namaskar Party (English)
• Matsya Avatar (English)
• Panchatantra et Yoga-sutra: une approche panchatantra aux yogasutras de patanjali (French Edition)
• Panchatantra y Yoga-sutra: Un Acercamiento Desde El Panchatantra (Spanish Edition)

Om Card Game- a unique fun way to learn Yogasutras

YCB Yoga Examiners

YCB Yoga Examination Practical

Dr. Vikas Chothe Certificates

Dr. Shwetambari Chothe Certificates

Dr. Shwetambari Chothe Certificates

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