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  • To fight lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure and sleep disorder problems
  • To protect joints from degenerating preventing knee and joint replacement surgeries
  • To reduce hospital expenses, medicine side effects, avoidable surgeries, stress, anger and frustration
  • To increase peace, harmony, stability and overall health
  • To bring a behavioural change towards daily activities
  • Results in higher engagement and mindfulness
  • Develop high values and creativity in kids and youths
  • Its unique & meaningful gift

Gift That Saves Humanity

The best gift we can give to one another right now is YOGA LIFE SAVER for a home to rise up in the fight against diseases like obesity, diabetes, joint and mental health problems arising due to stress.

External factors indirectly influencing- social/environmental health

  • 1. Globalization
  • 2. Urbanization
  • 3. Ageing process
  • 4. Digitalization

According to latest studies of IHME: Global Burden of Disease, Years lost for diseases in 2017 (DALY) are as below:

  • Heart diseases: 36.5 crore
  • Mental health and Substance abuse: 12.2 crore
  • Musculoskeletal disorders: 13.8 crore
*DALY= 1 lost year

Imagine if your gift could save someone’s life and improve their quality of life giving a new purpose to live. Less hospitalization is more productivity, more happiness and peace.
Start anew or delve deep into the ancient art and discipline of yoga and take on a yoga infused lifestyle!

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