Super Woman

Interestingly I wanted to be the one. A super women, whose house is spotless, whose job is highly respected and offcourse she gives 100% in her job, A mother who is always available for her kid, A daughter and daughter-in-law who takes care of their parents and offcouse a perfect sis for my siblings(I know for sure this I am 🙂).

Little about me, I am an IT professional. My career journey is not in one straight line but its broken into breaks and different fields. I worked with IT for 10 yrs. Took 10 yrs break and back in IT again. While I was on break I learned to take care of myself. Did fitness related courses and started my own fitness club with my sister. After a year the COVID had hit the world. We had to shut down our business and we shifted to Online model. During this time, I started practicing and playing Kettlebell lifting game. All the learning was fun and challenging and sometimes stressful. Eventually, I have realized that I could do more. I started leaning Yoga even though it does not really matches with my behaviroual characteristic,(so it seemed to me) I started to enjoy. When I say Yoga, it means more than just Asan and Pranayam.

So it started happening, with Yoga practices I started to become aware of my actions and my feeling. Well, not aware, but actually I started paying attention to those. I learnt many things about my self like how easily I get influenced. How easily I get distracted, how much I was comparing myself with people around me, how much attention I was
seeking…the list goes on. And most importantly, How I never appreciated myself. I always felt I am an under doer, under performer. And anytime if I sat myself down and ask, what do you want. I never had any answer. Not even vague.

The practice of Yoga continued and lot many questions started to pop in my mind, like what do I really enjoy doing? What is that one thing I can do for rest of my life. Why do I get anxious about my work? What is Ishwar? Why people die and lot others.

Let me be honest, YOU will never get answers to all the questions because thats’s for the
best but you should always ask.

In my brief exploration of Yoga, this is the insight I’ve gleaned from my personal journey
1. It does not matter how much you earn and progress in life if you are not enjoying.
2. Only earning money can not be goal of your life. Human beings need more than
3. It is not wrong to prioritize yourself. After all you can pour into other’s glass only if
your’s is not empty.
4. Creating a joyful atmosphere around children is paramount, as it fosters their
development in numerous ways, far outweighing the significance of intellectual
prowess. And, it goes without saying that you should be happy.
5. When feeling anxious, consider worst-case scenarios and prepare yourself
accordingly as a means to manage your emotions.
6. Some questions are better not answered but it does not mean the question should
not come/raised. We are on this earth to learn and experience. Maximize that.
7. Other people’s progress should/does not affect your life. Comparing yourself is pure
waste of time. Imagine a Cheetah wants to be a fish. Or vice versa. Does not seem
right. Does it?
8. Every now and then, appreciate yourself for whatever you are doing/trying. Dont
wait for other’s validation.
9. Organize your wardrobe when you’re feeling down—it can greatly boost your mood.
The messier the wardrobe, the greater the potential for enhancing your sense of
well-being. Worth a try🙂
10. Surrond yourself with happy people. Don’t be jealous of them.
11. Your happiness rests solely in your hands. There are no ifs or buts—period.
12. Recognize our human nature; if you aspire to excel, focus on self-care—it’s the one
aspect entirely within our control.

As I articulate these thoughts, I feel a sense of philosophical insight—a transformation
fostered through my Yoga practice. It’s important to note that perfection isn’t the goal
here; rather, improvement. Your progress directly impacts the well-being of your family
and loved ones. Life doesn’t demand seriousness, but sincerity.

I hope you found something of value in what was shared here

Thank you,
Yoga Practitioner

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