Why Indian Students Should Opt for Yoga Certification Before Studying Abroad?

Yoga for Indian students abroad

Embarking on higher studies abroad is a significant step for Indian students, and an increasing number are choosing to complement their academic pursuits with yoga certification. Here are compelling reasons, supported by statistics and facts, illustrating why this trend is gaining traction:

1. Global Acceptance and Demand:

    • Fact: Yoga has gained acceptance in 192 countries, including 44 Islamic nations.
    • Statistical Reference: The international recognition of yoga is underscored by its popularity, with over 300 million practitioners globally.

2. Lucrative and Respected Profession:

    • Fact: Yoga is a well-respected and high-demand profession, especially while studying abroad.
    • Statistical Reference: The yoga industry boasts a substantial market value of $115.43 billion, emphasizing its economic significance.

3. Integral Role in Global Wellness Industry:

    • Fact: The global wellness industry is valued at $5.6 trillion in 2022, with yoga playing a significant role.
    • Statistical Reference: Yoga’s share in the wellness market is highlighted by its contribution to the industry’s substantial valuation.

4. Alignment with Holistic Health Programs:

    • Fact: Many global universities incorporate wellness and holistic health programs into their curriculum.
    • Statistical Reference: The increasing demand for holistic health practices is evident in the proliferation of such programs abroad.

5. Versatile Professional Opportunities:

    • Fact: Yoga certifications open avenues for part-time work or internships during studies.
    • Statistical Reference: Certified yoga therapists can engage in diverse settings, including community outreach and medical environments.

6. Expanding Market Through Online Platforms:

    • Fact: The market has expanded due to the surge in demand for online yoga classes.
    • Statistical Reference: The yoga industry has adapted to changing preferences, witnessing growth through online platforms.

7. Stress Relief and Academic Performance:

    • Fact: Yoga’s stress-relieving benefits positively impact academic performance and overall fitness.
    • Statistical Reference: Research supports the positive correlation between yoga practice and improved mental well-being, reducing the need for traditional gym memberships.

8. Cultural Promotion and Soft Power:

    • Fact: Yoga serves as an opportunity to promote Indian culture and enhance soft power abroad.
    • Statistical Reference: The influence of Indian culture is amplified by yoga’s global reach, contributing to the nation’s soft power.

abroad yoga

In conclusion, the decision for Indian students to become certified yoga trainers before studying abroad is multi-faceted, encompassing cultural, economic, and personal dimensions. The statistics and facts underline the global acceptance and the myriad opportunities that yoga certification brings, making it a strategic choice for those pursuing higher education on the international stage.

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