Tech Neck

Madhuri Patil

Yoga and Diet Consultant

Bad Posture?

Are we aware about the bad posture?

Are we aware about the change taking place in the curvature of the spine?

If you are unaware of all these changes taking place in your body then try to notice few things.

Are you regularly using mobile phones by taking your head slightly ahead or by bending forward in your neck and holding the mobile low?

Are you continuously sitting in a chair for long hours and watching the laptop/computer screen?

Then you are facing “Tech Neck”, you are facing a postural problem, extended neck, rounded shoulders, spasm and stiffness around the neck.

Todays lifestyle changes due to maximum use of technology is leading all of us towards bad posture and lots of health issues.

Therefore, how can we solve the postural problem.

Few changes in the sitting position, together with some movements of your neck and shoulders which we call it as “SukshmaVyyayam” can bring changes in the posture of your neck,


1) Neck movements – moving of head side ways

2) Tuck your chin towards your chest

3) Expand your chest by slightly holding your hands behind your back.

4) Try to keep your palms on your forehead and press your head forward and palms on the head. This helps strengthening the neck muscles, same can be repeated on either sides, by placing your palms on temples

5) Raise your hands in shoulder levels and try to join them above your head backwards that is back of your palms should touch each other, this movement can be done dynamically.

Many more SukshmaVyyayam can be done with the help of props for postural corrections. Props or Properties or Support is helpful when we are stiff in a particular joint or muscle or in Yogic language we have lot of Dukha making us weak at a particular area or region of our body.

Dukha means bad space.

Dus-meaning Bad, Difficult or Hard

Kha-Meaning Space

Which is generally translated as suffering, uneasy, uncomfortable, unpleasant, difficult

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