Role of Yoga in Women’s life

Shubhangi Walke    

The definition of yoga states that, it is the harmonising system to develop body , mind  and spirit that means yoga develops anyone physically ,mentally ,emotionally and spiritually.

God made men and women as equal to share the life, its rewards, its burdens, joys and sorrows. As we say that, men and women are the two wheels of life. But in today’s scenario, woman has to perform many roles as home maker, she have to perform family responsibilities, sometimes for her career she has to do  job or handle business responsibilities, bringing up children and all. With performing such roles she undergoes different stages of a life from childhood to old age these stages like she goes through physiological changes in her body like menstruation cycle, marriage, pregnancy menopause etc. All the physiological and psychological changes cause troubles in her life physically mentally and spiritually. But yoga plays a vital role in women’s life as it stabilises mental and physical health of women.

In earlier days yoga is considered as an exercise but nowadays different research and studies shows that, it is not only a exercise but much more than that. There are many physical postures in yoga for women health like menstruation cramps, easy child birth, infertility , reduce depression and anxiety due to these physiological changes in her body. The research and study proves that the physical posters and the breathing patterns in yoga have considerable good effect on all the systems of the body like respiratory , digestive system, reproductive system, nervous system etc. Yoga is now being popular in all aspects as it is helpful in proper functioning of body and calm down mind. There are some asanas which are very helpful in problems like infertility and   pregnancy for  easy childbirth which is now going more popular as a pregnancy yoga. In old age also woman undergoes the menopause which will affect on her mental health and physical health, also yoga helps to control impulses and emotions of women in this all the phases of life by balancing the mind. Some asanas    like Baddha-konasana, Bhujangasana, Ustrasana, Supta baddha-konasana are very helpful in menstruation cramps and regulating periods. Women are the backbone of the family.   So let’s make yoga is a part of your life and grow yourself physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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