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Swasti Yoga Centre is an ISO 9001:2015 certified yoga centre for quality education, training, therapy, and research in yoga and is an associate centre of the Indian Yoga Association. It is a trusted Indian yoga institution with 5 branches in Pune, India for 8 years and provides professional yoga teacher training courses for Indian and international students. Swasti promotes and educates aspiring yoga professionals in the ancient yoga practices for health and overall well being, also known as Scientific Yoga, to assist people suffering from various chronic diseases like arthritis, backache, migraine, gynecological disorders and many more to lead a healthy life through a yoga lifestyle.

Swasti offers full time and part time programs for Level 1-3 government certifications. It focuses on delivering the best knowledge to all students in order to meet the expectations for competency and capability for the yoga certification test. Its curriculum is based on the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) Certification of Persons ISO/IEC 17024, and it is affiliated with the Indian Yoga Association, International Ayurveda Association, and International Federation of Yoga Professionals.

Swasti’s founder, Dr. Vikas Chothe, holds an MD in Ayurvedic medicine with Yoga Certification from AYUSH and QCI India. He has worked as a Yoga Ambassador for the government of India and is currently an examiner for QCI Yoga examination at TQ Cert (TATA projects) for the Yoga Certification Board (YCB). He has been working as a lead examiner since the beginning of the Yoga Certification Scheme in 2016 and has conducted exams for more than 3,000 students to date. He is also a yoga school auditor for the Yoga Certification Board to create quality standards in yoga schools globally.

yoga certification board
vikas Chothe
vikas Chothe

Why YCB Certification ?

The Prime Minister of India and the Ministry of AYUSH became aware of the high demand of yoga experts at national and international levels. They saw the urge to create a credible system to assure quality yoga practitioners worldwide. Therefore, they tasked the Quality Council of India (QCI) to develop a voluntary scheme for evaluation and certification of Yoga Professionals with a quality framework.

QCI yoga certification was designed by employing international best practices, based on global standards and certification systems, to ensure an internationally acceptable certification and deliver a quality yoga course with proper evaluation and assessment of traditional yoga skills and knowledge. They also created the Yoga Certification Board (YCB), which is the only global government/regulatory body.

What Is The Yoga Professional Certification Scheme by QCI/YCB?

The Yoga Professional Certification Scheme adopts the principles and requirements laid down in the international standard, ISO 17024:2012 General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Persons. The Scheme was presented to the Ministry of AYUSH and was launched on 22 June 2015 in the valedictory function of the International Day of Yoga celebration by the Hon’ble Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh. The Scheme is to validate the competence of Yoga Professionals for their knowledge and skill according to a detailed syllabus.

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International Associates and Membership
International Associates:


  • Ahimsa Academy, Cambodia
  • Ayurveda Yoga Australia


  • SIPKA, Rimini, Italy
  • PRANAM, Barcelona, Spain
  • Love Ayurveda TV, United Kingdom


  • International Ayurveda Association (IAA)
  • Institute of Indian Medicine (IIM)
  • Deerghayu International
  • BHAAS Pune
  • Indian Yoga Association (IYA)

South America

  • Ayurvastu, Chile
International Students:


  • Germany
  • 1. Karin Kuhlmann
  • 2. Chrissy Rentsch
  • 3. Lena Kraft
  • 4. Claudia Paola

  • Ireland
  • 1. Niamh Keoghan
  • 2. Deirdre Fleming
  • 3. Beata Zielinska

  • Netherlands
  • 1. Bonnie Warnars
  • 2. Adinda Ibarra Karperien

  • France
  • 1. Nazan Aksoy
  • 2. Julie Delhay
  • 3. Lionel JEANNIN

  • Greece
  • 1. Sanja Milutin
  • 2. Olympia Barka
  • 3. Paola Girolametto

  • Austria
  • 1. Rebeka Muranyi
  • 2. Laura Adam
  • 3. Neelam Vats

  • Portugal
  • 1. Lucila Benavides
  • 2. Peres Vieyra

  • Poland - Magda Turczynowicz

  • Lithuania - Vilma

  • Latvia - Laura Poca-Rozenbluma

  • Cyprus - Katerina Georgiou

  • Sweden - Giedre Michailovskyte

  • Italy - Paola Girolametto

  • Switzerland - Arvind Shinde

  • Iceland - David Tryggvason

  • United Kingdom - Zena Winterbottom

North America

  • Canada
  • 1. Martine St-Onge
  • 2. Lindsey Massar
  • 3. Veronica Leonard
  • 4. Neeta Desai

  • USA
  • 1. Hitomi Tomota Koffi
  • 2. Crystal Allen
  • 3. Sapna Bafna

  • Mexico
  • 1. Dr. Veronica Sanchez
  • 2. Daniela Cardenas


  • Indonesia - Dwintha Maya Kartika
  • China - Xiwen Li
  • Japan - AYANO ITO
  • South Korea - Jinhee Choi
  • Malaysia - Karin Raffa
  • Turkey - Başak Anık, Pinar
  • Dubai - Swati Abhyankar
  • Bhutan - Tshering


  • 1. Jake Lee
  • 2. Netra Kumar
  • 3. Lata Sushant Srivastav


  • Morocco - Jamila Daoudi
Guiding Organizations, Associations, and Affiliates:
Institute of Indian Medicine

Institute of Indian Medicine is a registered body working on the principles of Open University. Diploma in Ayurveda for international students was first started in 1985 in Australia . The course was drafted by Institute of Indian Medicine, National Integrated Medical Association & University of Pune.

International Ayurveda Association (IAA)
  • Promote research in the field of Indian Medicine, (Ayurveda, Siddha Uhani) allied sciences and of interdisciplinary nature.
  • Produce research workers, in the field.
  • Guide research workers in the field.
  • Correlate with medical and allied sciences.
  • Propagate Ayurveda in the world for benefit of human being.
  • Award membership, fellowship and postdoctoral fellowship to research workers in the field.
  • Conduct various courses in Ayurveda.
  • Award various medals, prizes for best thesis, books, personalities in the field.
Deerghayu International

CHIEF EDITOR – Prof. Dr. P.H. Kulkarni: Published 304 books related to Ayurveda & Health Sciences ,126 issues of Deerghayu International Journal & 30 issues of Deerghayu Annual during last 4 decades.

Ahimsa Academy was formed in 2013 with the mission to carry forward classic and traditional Yogi science. The academy is committed to the development of humanity in particular under privileged women in Cambodia whom they wish to train as Yoga teachers to complement the historic relationship between ancient Cambodia and India in respect of Yoga.

The Headmaster has 47 years of exposure and practice of Yoga and has never compromised the tradition in order to make the Academy gain market.

Beyond Horizons Health And Social circle (BHHAS)

“We are BHHAS. We are here to heal, to educate, to serve nature. We are here for health, Ayurveda, Yoga, and environment. We are a network of young doctors, Ayurvedic physicians and enthusiasts who volunteer our expertise and time to heal disadvantaged communities. We are passionate about the environment and applying the ancient wisdom and insight of Ayurveda to save lives and regenerate communities with a difference.We provide medical care and health education in India and across the globe.”

Associates and Membership

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