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Community Services

Swasti Yoga Centre is dedicated to giving back to the community and educating people of all ages on the yogic lifestyle to promote overall health and well being. Some of Swasti's community service efforts include:
  • Community health through yoga - yoga workshops in societies, schools, colleges, rural areas, and primary healthcare hospitals
  • Health education for adolescents - addressing addiction, sexual orientation, menstruation, sanitation, teen health issues, and mental health through yoga; we also cover these topics in schools and colleges to prevent teen health issues like STDs and AIDS
  • Community Health Camps and Clinics for poor and economically weak communities in slums
  • Women's health through yoga - workshops in various businesses and workplaces for working women's health
  • Working with NGO to host Women's Health and Yoga Workshop for 400 women on occasion of Women's Day
  • Free health checkup camps for children on Children's Day
  • Diabetes, heart disease awareness, and prevention camps through yogic lifestyle

In addition to Swasti's community service efforts, a portion of all proceeds paid by students for Swasti Yoga Centre's Teacher Training Courses is donated to various slums and communities in Pune.

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