5 misconceptions about India that need to be debunked

Poverty, Scams, Poor infrastructure and Women safety are common concerns about tourists visiting India. Let's remove some of the the old myths about India and understand the high accelerated growth of modern Bharat.

Best Online Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course | Yoga TTC

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course is fast becoming a popular choice of yoga teachers. This course is designed especially for yoga teachers who wish to expand their skill sets and begin teaching safe prenatal yoga.

Are People Paying Serious Attention to Online Yoga During COVID-19 Pandemic?

With the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, people from across the world have started enrolling themselves in Online Yoga classes.

What are the Benefits of Taking Online Yoga Teacher Training Course?

If you are a yoga enthusiast looking to learn the traditional Indian yogic practice right from your home, then enroll yourself for the best online Yoga Teacher Training Course in India offered by Swasti Yoga Center, Pune.

Effective Yoga Practice that Helps in Obesity and Weight loss

According to WHO, Overweight and Obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health?

Are You Taking Care Or Bombing Your System?

Indigestion, what is it? How is it produced? And why it is so important to have a good diet and a strong and healthy mind.

How Yoga Practice Manage Diabetes?

Diabetes is currently considered an epidemic disease that is largely preventable and treatable through balanced diet, exercise, yoga and lifestyle changes.

Role of Yoga in Women’s life

Let's see how yoga has become an inevitable part of lifestyle in this pandemic!

Best Online Yoga Teacher Training Course in Pune India

Online yoga teacher training programs provide an intimate experience, covering hours of online lectures, videos, and practical guidance on ancient Indian Yoga from the teachers remotely. So, If you are looking for the best yoga instructor course in Pune, choose Swasti Yoga Center, Pune.

Surya Namaskar and its Variations

A unique traditional way towards healthy lifestyle

Yoga Crossword - for Yoga students and professionals

Renuka Choube

Ideal Human being – His Dharma

How to find goal of one's life?

Yoga or Gym ?

Is yoga only meant for someone who is a sanyasi or senior citizen?

Yoga: Mind, Body and The Consistency

Yoga: Mind, Body and The Consistency

Kids Yoga

Why yoga is important for kids

Tech Neck

Posture correction through yoga

Meditacion de AUM

Meditación de AUM

El deber del gurú

El deber del gurú


A través de diversas prácticas del yoga, es decir se obtiene una mejora global del funcionamiento del individuo.

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